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Bufflehead Boot Balm

Bufflehead Boot Balm

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  • A citrus, clean scent derived from Orange peel oil 
  • Proprietary formula that applies easily by hand, and dries to form a solid, waterproofing barrier that lasts and will keep your leather dry when you need it!
  • Maintains and deeply conditions all your leather products - made with real Duck fat!
  • Waterproofs leather with lasting endurance through all the outdoor elements - and yet leaves the leather breathable.
  • Thoroughly field-tested and approved by tradesmen and outdoorsmen world-wide - the result speak for itself!
  • Chemical and petroleum free - it really is all natural and completely safe for your skin
  • Large 4 oz tin!
Ducks have a knack for walking on water, so to speak. They float with ease, and water simply glides right off their back. After we (re)discovered the old paths of leather care, we went a step further and created the waterproofing, Bufflehead Boot Balm, made with REAL DUCK FAT. Designed in such a way that allows for easy application, and yet long-lasting endurance in the outdoors, Bufflehead Boot Balm is a completely natural and effective waterproofer for all your leather products. Using our proprietary formula, this balm dries to form a solid, waterproofing barrier that lasts and will keep your boots dry when you need it - like water off a duck's back.

"runnin' on water"
Apply a moderate layer of Bufflehead Boot Balm using a soft cloth. Gently massage into your leather for thorough application. Let the balm naturally penetrate the leather and dry for about 20 minutes, and then lightly buff with another soft cloth.

For best results, apply to clean, dry boots. For damaged and severely worn boots, use our Grassland Boot Balm prior to this one, for a complete restoration.

Boot Balm may darken some leather products.

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