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Grassland Boot Balm

Grassland Boot Balm

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  • A clean, crisp scent derived from Siberian Fir Needle essential oil
  • Natural and effective leather conditioning using time-tested and ancient traditions
  • Maintains and deeply conditions all your leather products
  • Restores and revives old leather, bringing it back to life!
  • Chemical and petroleum free - it really is all natural and completely safe for your skin
  • Large 4 oz tin!
Long before the modern age of chemical engineering, back when things were a bit more conventional, leather was maintained and preserved by a timeless method. Grassland Boot Balm is a 100% natural mixture of organic beeswax and grass-fed tallow, with a dash of Siberian Pine Needle Oil. This traditional boot balm is an ideal way to protect and maintain not just your leather boots, but all your leather products. Grassland Boot Balm will restore and bring life back to old, dry leather - the result speaks for itself.​

It's "not just for boots." 
Pre-heat your boots using a hair dryer or placing your boots near a heat source to ensure deep penetration of the balm. When warm, apply the balm using your hands or a soft cloth, particularly along the seam of the leather and the sole. Apply heat from the hair dryer once more, remove any excess balm, allow adequate dry-time, and finish buffing with a soft cloth, to your preference. 

Boot Balm may darken some leather products. 

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