3 Ingredients Your Skin Needs for Eczema Prone Skin (And the truth about honey and eczema)

3 Ingredients Your Skin Needs for Eczema Prone Skin (And the truth about honey and eczema)

Eczema is a well known condition today, afflicting more and more people, of all age groups. Identifying the root cause can often evade most. How to care for skin when one has eczema, or any other inflammatory skin condition, must be something carefully considered.



Inflammatory skin conditions do just that - they're inflammatory, and quite reactive. As a result, ingredients matter. Today, there are too many ingredients, names you don't know or cannot pronounce, sources you cannot be sure of, what are the consequences of all these ingredients - does it really have to be this complicated?


Skin care, daily and routine moisture, nourishing the layers of the skin with vitamin-rich emollients is essential for eczema. Nutrient-dense oils like avocado oil, grass-fed tallow, shea butter are all loaded with vitamins needed for skin moisture and repair. Honey is a time-tested and completely natural ingredient in skin care. Not only is it one of the most studied ingredients in the science of skin care, there is abundant truth to its inclusion on this list. Try our Manuka Honey skin care line for yourself. 

Here are our top 3 ingredients you should consider, when considering how to lastingly retain moisture for eczema prone skin:

  1. Honey - even better, Manuka Honey - a natural humectant, allowing the skin to draw and retain moisture, and yet, not oily - vital for eczema skin care.
  2. Grass-fed tallow - loaded with skin-essential vitamins, A, D, E, and K, this is uniquely compatible with your skin, allowing natural penetration and absorption, rather than an oily layer that doesn't absorb too well. 
  3. Avocado oil - essential conditioning for the skin, with a low comedogenic rating, this makes our list as a skin-loving oil. Rich in healthy fats and oleic acid, it is well absorbed with intensive skin moisturizing properties. 



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