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2019 Best Baby Balm Winner - by Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards

We are very thankful to announce that our Lavender & Chamomile Baby Butter Balm was voted Best Baby Balm by Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2019!   Those of you who have tried this balm, may not be surprised! And I am sure that you're little ones would agree! Kids, mothers, even fathers - everyone tends to love the sweet and calming aroma of Lavender & Chamomile blend.    But this perfect essential oil pair infused into this whipped grass-fed tallow blend - NUTRIENT-DENSE! - is deeply nourishing and presents an unprecedented level of skin care.    Uniquely compatible with the human skin, our Butter Balm is like food for the skin - it is quickly absorbed and penetrates deep into the...

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All Tallow is NOT Created Equal

As with all ingredients in skin care, sourcing is of the utmost importance. Clean, ethical sourcing is imperative. The environment and the conditions in which something is raised and/or grown affect the living organism, whether it be a plant or animal. Discover more about the benefits of grass-fed tallow balm, by Balm of Gilead

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