Our Story

Balm of Gilead was established in 2013, almost by accident it would seem. At the re-awakening of the tallow-based skin care in the last couple years, a small family company stumbled upon the overwhelming benefit of tallow. The first product was simply made by necessity: a baby balm for a good friend's newborn. The result was almost too good to be true, it was unprecedented.

We got to work immediately and began researching, extensively formulating and testing new products. Standards of purity were established. Carefully chosen ingredients were sourced. Sound, scientific protocols were established. And we began small, making everything by hand, carefully analyzing every batch. And the balm spoke for itself - as grassfed tallow comprised the base of every balm, our products are uniquely compatible with our skin, yielding a greater penetration and absorption. It was something people could feel the moment they tried our products. 

Today, we're found in hundreds of stores across North America (US & Canada). And yet, we're adamant in maintaining our old ways - purity, detail, and care. We still manufacture everything in our own facility, meticulously proving every batch. 

Grass-fed tallow has since only gained momentum. With Paleo products and Autoimmune Protocols, grass-fed tallow emerged as a natural and effective moisturizer for those with heightened autoimmunity. Nutrient-dense with vitamins, tallow is a true wonder in skin care. It is not a new ingredient, but rather an ancient one - it is time-tested and proven through hundreds of years. We've been perfecting this art of the apothecary and are thankful to share it with you.

We care about our products and about the people that use them. We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves. And we wouldn't sell anything that doesn't actually work. Our employees, families, and friends use our balm every day - and now, so does an ever-growing populous across the world.

Thanks for stopping by.