All Tallow is NOT Created Equal

All Tallow is NOT Created Equal


As with all ingredients in skin care, sourcing is of the utmost importance. Clean, ethical sourcing is imperative. The environment and the conditions in which something is raised and/or grown affect the living organism, whether it be a plant or animal.

Tallow is a nutrient-rich oil, naturally solid at room temperature, and because it is derived and purified from the fatty tissue of a cow, the diet and environment of the cow matters. Depending on if the cow is fed grain, which would be an unnatural diet, or if it is left to graze green, grassy fields, has a dramatic impact upon the structure and composition of the fat cells. This inherently affects the structure and composition of the tallow.

That said, in the realm of skin care, grass-fed, grass-finished tallow is necessary! But the process does not stop there! How the farms are maintained, start-to-finish, every step matters.

All our tallow is sourced from a collection of family farms within Missouri and Illinois, as well as from Tasmania, Australia. Entirely grass-fed and grass-finished, these cows could not be more natural. The difference is profound, and the effect is noticeable in the end product: Balm of Gilead.

After the tallow is derived, we go a step further – well, three steps to be exact. We’ve developed a proprietary method of triple purification that yields a tallow end-product that is unparalleled to others. Rich, smooth, consistent, and nutrient-dense, this flagship ingredient has been the base of Balm of Gilead that so many have benefited from and love.

We’re happy to provide our Balm for you, and thankful it has helped so many!

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