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Ranked #1 Best Eczema Honey Cream Ingredients for 2022

Chosen #1 on "Best Eczema Honey Cream Ingredients - of 2022"!   If you've not tried it yet, perhaps now is the time. Scientifically formulated based on nearly a decade of research on automimmune skin conditions and studying the best way to relieve dry itchy skin. With lasting moisture throughout the day, and a proprietary blend of essential oils infused into the nutrient-dense emollients, and of course, New Zealand's exclusive Manuka honey (MGO 250+), it is a new level of skin care. 

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2019 Best Baby Balm Winner - by Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards

We are very thankful to announce that our Lavender & Chamomile Baby Butter Balm was voted Best Baby Balm by Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2019!   Those of you who have tried this balm, may not be surprised! And I am sure that you're little ones would agree! Kids, mothers, even fathers - everyone tends to love the sweet and calming aroma of Lavender & Chamomile blend.    But this perfect essential oil pair infused into this whipped grass-fed tallow blend - NUTRIENT-DENSE! - is deeply nourishing and presents an unprecedented level of skin care.    Uniquely compatible with the human skin, our Butter Balm is like food for the skin - it is quickly absorbed and penetrates deep into the...

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