The skin between my thumb and first finger on my right hand periodically becomes very dry and painfully cracked. I've tried just about everything I could think of/get my hands on for it: Eucerin, Dr. Bronner's lotion, Alba Botanicals lotion, Burt's Bees hand salve, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, drinking tons of water... Healing Hands from Balm of Gilead is the product that has brought me the deepest and longest-lasting relief. The beeswax and tallow feel like they soak all the way into the thick skin on that part of my hand instead of sitting on the surface and temporarily softening it like other products.

- Rachel


I cannot thank you enough for making such a wonderful product! 

I have been a nurse for over 20 years and early in my career the skin on my hands were consistently hurt by the many products we use in healthcare; eventually I was told I had a latex allergy. Switching gloves stopped most of the problems but my hands never healed. They have remained incredibly dry with deep fissures and cracks in them. It reminded you of a desert scene when the ground is absolutely parched from the sun and it was getting worse instead of better. 

Last spring before I got married I attempted to find a new product to help alleviate the problem but to little avail. I was not going to have one of those regular photos of the hands and wedding bands made but it would have been nice to show off my wedding band without being so embarrassed by the condition of my hands. I have tried everything on the market without success ... lotions, balms, food oils, essential oils, lanolin, and the list went on and on. I would receive temporary relief but nothing could relieve the deep discomfort from the perpetual dryness. Nothing healed the skin but they would mask the symptoms for an hour or two. Pharmaceutical-grade lanolin helped the most but it was by far the messiest product I have ever attempted and eventually deemed not worth the effort. 

I decided to give your product a try and applied it as directed. While it felt very good and I could taste the mint as it absorbed through my thin skin, it was not alleviating the problem. It soon went in the bucket with a lot of other partially used products.

Last fall as the weather was drying out my skin once again and flu-and-cold season was around the corner (along with an excessive use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer at my workplace), I decided what the heck, I would use up the little tin of Cool Hands until I found something else. Only this time I did not apply a "thin layer" to the affected area but drenched my hands in the balm until it felt good. And goodness did it feel good!!

It felt so good so I ordered more of the little tins. They do not last very long but it did not matter - this was the first and only product that could keep the alcohol-based hand sanitizer from stinging and hurting (I probably "wash" my hands 8-12 times per hour in the stuff!) And despite the chemical warfare with the sanitizer, my hands were gradually starting to show signs of healing for the first time since youth. No more bleeding and the cracks were not as pronounced. 

This week your product was paid the ultimate compliment and it was by a patient! A teenage girl felt my hands and said, "Oh, they are so soft!" I was dumbfounded - not only are our teenage patients the hardest customers to please but never have my hands been called, "soft". Later I looked at them and was surprised to note all of the cracks were gone and replaced by smooth skin! It has been some time since I have dealt with any cracking or bleeding cuticles too - cannot remember the last time I had one which is so unusual because I used to have several marring my fingers at any given time. 

So while I wish you offered a MUCH bigger tin of Cool Hands, I have learned to order several at a time and to give them away to my favorite coworkers when they too complain of dry and chapped skin after using the alcohol sanitizer. You should create a "nurse size" tin of Cool Hands and offer us a discount! 

Thank you for creating a wonderful product that works so well and is chock full of natural ingredients. I attempted to use another brand of grass-fed tallow but it did not have the consistency nor healing power of Cool Hands so I was so thankful when my next order arrived. 

- Mandy


I have been using this product for some time now,it's the best all natural skin care product in the market, that I know of. I used to spend a lot of money on silk for my skin and my skin was still very flaky and dry. But I use "Fresh Hands" balm often and my skin is deeply conditioned for a whole week after a few applications of this balm. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants something that really works well and smells great too. : ) It leaves my hands soft and gives a nice glow without the sticky, oily mess.I also use a lip balm from Balm of Gilead, it's amazing,leaves my lips soft for hours.

- Badriyyah


Bought a tube of the lip balm at Canton First Monday. I hate anything on my lips; lipstick, Chapstick, lip gloss, etc, but this lip balm is so light and sheer I can't feel it. It cleared up my chapped lips quickly. Smells great too. The mint is very cooling on my lips. Great product!

- Pam


I highly recommend Balm of Gilead! My son had severely chapped lips that wouldn't seem to heal. I tried a few known remedies and Vaseline and his lips only got worse. We put Spearmint Tea Tree lip balm on his lips for two days in a row and his lips had recovered and were soft and healthy again. :)

- Sophie


The Lip Balm really works! My lips look a lot better! I had cracked lips and now they are smooth! Very Pleased!

The Fresh Hands also worked well for my dry skin! It also has a scent that can work for men!
- Ryan


This lip balm is definitely the best one I've ever used! My lips used to be dry, especially in the winter, and I've used those "big-brand" lip balms in the past (Nivea, Labello..) and this one exceeds them all. The day after I put it on my lips, they were already smooth! It's all natural, so it's way better than all the lip balms that have chemicals in it. It spreads smoothly and lasts quite a while. I'm using the "Spearmint & Tea Tree" right now, it smells wonderful, I really like it! I like the design of it as well. I highly recommend it to everyone, whether man or woman, you'll be satisfied with it.​

- Damien


This Manuka Honey Butter product really works!!! I highly recommend it to anyone in need of deep restoration for their skin or wounds!!!I've been using it to treat my daughter who has a genetic skin disorder,known as EB(. epidermolysis bullosa ).My daughter was born with an incurable genetic disorder which causes her skin to blister and shear from light to moderate trauma.It is very painful and requires daily wound management.With this condition my daughter was at high risk for infection.I had come across this product and wanted to try it out.I was really burdened to find something that would heal her skin and thus prevent continual infection due to open wound beds.Prior to using it I had been using Vaseline and Aquaphor,they did not heal her skin AT ALL but merely acted as a barrier for her skin,this was dissapointing to me, because I believed she needed something to heal her skin,seeing she was in much pain,I didn't want something to merely mask her wounds.Since switching to the Manuka honey balm Ive seen a huge difference in effectiveness that I have not found in any other cream or products I've used for her.Truly,my daughter has had deep wounds, comparative to a 3rd degree burn or worse and yet this product was gentle enough and smooth as whipped butter ,which enabled me to put it on her without causing any more harm/pain to her already fragile skin.As I said I had tried Aquaphor and Vaseline prior to this and it took months for her to heal and caused her much pain during application,her skin was continually dry,but after using this I saw fast healing results,her skin was silky,within days or a week's time.I myself have used this product as well after my cserean stitching ruptured,it really helped speed up my healing time.It has a light scent which I was thankful for.The customer care reps are also pleasant to deal with,if you have any questions or concerns they are honest and work quickly to answer questions and provide you with good customer care.

- Badriyyah