Our balm is made of the finest ingredients, rich in critical vitamins and nourishing oils. Established in 2013, we've been perfecting the art of the apothecary using the original methods and ingredients that date hundreds of years, while holding a critical standard of purity. We care about our products and about the people that use them. We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves. And we wouldn't sell anything that doesn't actually work. Our employees, families, and friends use our balm every day - and now, so does an ever-growing populous across the world.


What goes on our skin CAN penetrate into our bloodstream. While not everything can penetrate, many things certainly do! And as our society has become increasingly aware of harmful, and often unnecessary, chemicals, additives, and preservatives, both in diet and in body care, Balm of Gilead has emerged as a safe and effective brand of skin care.

With this surge in health-consciousness, healthy fats have been at the forefront. For years, the dietary philosophy waged war against fat, with the help of large corporations and mainstream media. But in the recent years, even Time Magazine admitted that the “war on fat” was wrong, and they’ve sought to expose the shallow pseudo-science that supports criticism of what is now known as “healthy fats”. Thus, healthy fat is back, from butter to coconut oil. These “healthy fats” are a key component in our balm, with real results.


We have chosen only the finest ingredients to handcraft all our products. We formulate and manufacture them ourselves. Purity is of the utmost importance - that begins with ingredients. Rightfully so, ingredients are the difference. The art of the apothecary requires critical attention and detail, so it would make sense that we're critical of our ingredients as well. All our products contain a varying mixture of some or all of these ingredients:

A natural emollient and humectant, that draws moisture to the skin and sealing it in; it also contains the reviving vitamin A. 


The Paleo diet refers to a lifestyle and diet free from processed foods and ingredients, focusing on real, whole foods. Unprocessed foods have had a profound impact on many individuals, changing diet trends and helping many.

Simply being Organic is often not enough. Ingredients matter! The Certified Paleo™ logo assures individuals, like you, that our products meets this rigorous standard.


​After understanding the permeability of our skin, you can see why obtaining Paleo Certification was a natural thought for us. Most skin care companies cannot obtain such a certification, as their ingredients contain numerous controversial ingredients. Even those that are more “natural” still use highly-refined oils and preservatives, not to mention chemicals that undermine its “natural” initiative. After all, the “natural” standard has always been loosely defined. And given the strict standard of Paleo, a certified skin care company is hard to find.

But given the simplicity of our company, using minimal, yet nutrient-dense ingredients, like Grass-Fed Tallow (triple-purified by our proprietary process), Avocado Oil, Organic Raw Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, and unadulterated Essential Oils and Natural Flavors, obtaining Paleo certification was just a step away.

​As of August 2016, we took that step and we’re pleased to offer our products as Certified Paleo™ to the growing demand, which is presently unmet by retailers across the U.S. Now retailers can carry one of the few Certified Paleo™ skin care companies. And consumers alike, will be pleased to find a skin care product that exceeds their expectations - one that truly works and makes a difference.

(The Certified Paleo™ Requirements for Grain-Free, Legume-Free, Dairy-Free, Artificial Coloring, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners and Artificial Flavor Enhancers-Free Products can be found at PaleoFoundation.com)


​Balm of Gilead has pleasantly surprised both consumers and retailers across the US. In a saturated market of lip and skin care, Balm of Gilead has outperformed leading brands, to the amazement of store owners. With our crisp, attractive packaging, we offer a truly natural and effective alternative to petroleum-based products that contain questionable ingredients.