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3 Ingredients Your Skin Needs for Eczema Prone Skin (And the truth about honey and eczema)

Eczema is a well known condition today, afflicting more and more people, of all age groups. Identifying the root cause can often evade most. How to care for skin when one has eczema, or any other inflammatory skin condition, must be something carefully considered. INGREDIENTS ARE CRITICAL.   Inflammatory skin conditions do just that - they're inflammatory, and quite reactive. As a result, ingredients matter. Today, there are too many ingredients, names you don't know or cannot pronounce, sources you cannot be sure of, what are the consequences of all these ingredients - does it really have to be this complicated? SOMETIMES, LESS IS MORE, IN SKIN CARE Skin care, daily and routine moisture, nourishing the layers of the skin...

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Ranked #1 Best Eczema Honey Cream Ingredients for 2022

Chosen #1 on "Best Eczema Honey Cream Ingredients - of 2022"!   If you've not tried it yet, perhaps now is the time. Scientifically formulated based on nearly a decade of research on automimmune skin conditions and studying the best way to relieve dry itchy skin. With lasting moisture throughout the day, and a proprietary blend of essential oils infused into the nutrient-dense emollients, and of course, New Zealand's exclusive Manuka honey (MGO 250+), it is a new level of skin care. 

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