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Sweet Myrrh (Opoponax) Essential Oil - 10ml

Sweet Myrrh (Opoponax) Essential Oil - 10ml

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  • WILD HARVESTED SWEET MYRRH [OPOPONAX]: Similar to the traditional myrrh, but far sweeter, this rare oil is powerfully aromatic and therapeutic. 
  • DISTILLER-DIRECT THERAPEUTIC GRADE: While most oils pass through many hands and middlemen, with questionable sources and ethics, our oil is direct from our sister company, Harvest Essentials distillery: fully traceable, field to bottle.
  • 100% PURE, UNADULTERATED ESSENTIAL OIL: Meticulously and carefully steam distilled for a full extraction of all therapeutic compounds | cruelty-free, and not tested on animals.
  • SWEET MYYRH ESSENTIAL OIL BENEFITS: Potent therapeutic compounds, with every batch GCMS verified. 
  • CO-IMPACT | ETHICALLY SOURCED: This work creates sustainable income for an area in Kenya that is drought-stricken and extreme unemployment. This work is truly co-impact creating employment with fair trade wages, to ensure our ethics and values start to finish.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: In every step, from the field to the bottle in your hands, we value our customers, clients, and people. If you’re not satisfied with our products, or it is damaged, please contact us directly.


Need we say more?


GCMS validated. 100% pure and therapeutic essential oil.

Why we're different?

Without the complicated middlemen, distributors, and every link in the supply chain, our sweet myrrh [opoponax] is sourced directly on the ground. We are working on the ground in these locations, every step is validated, purity is maintained: the end product tells the story

Sweet myrrh is profoundly different from all other oils we've ever worked with, deeply captivating, warm, sweet, balsamic, and incredibly lingering - most absolutely love the oil. It is rich in (E)-beta-Ocimene, followed by cis-alpha-Bisabolene and alpha-Santalene. 

Our resin is entirely wild-harvested where the trees naturally yield their resin. Our work is a true co-impact initiative, where this resin is harvested creating hundreds of sustainable jobs at a local level in Kenya (where the resin is sourced), where work opportunities are otherwise scarce. It has been life-changing to say the least, while being able to work on the ground level ourselves and ensure purity and potency every step of the way.

The resin is carefully steam-distilled to ensure maximal extraction of all therapeutic compounds, and then end result is undeniable. 

As is vital in this industry, we practice full transparency and GCMS validate our oils, provided by third-party labs.


100% pure Commiphora guidottii (Sweet Myrrh/Opoponax) essential oil

How to use

Apply as desired, dilute in your choice of carrier oils, add as a potent and therapeutic ingredient to your own skin care products, shampoos, or simply aromatherapy, etc. The opportunities are numerous when using this pure and unadulterated oil.


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